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Hoop House Creative is a modern film company that captures your story.  We witness your love.



When you book a Standard or Aerial Package you get a free Love Story

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We make wedding films with Story, with Heart, with Passion, and most importantly with LOVE! We are Hoop House Creative.


Watch our Love Story video below!

When you book a Standard or Aerial wedding package, you get a FREE Love Story.
These two are 10/10 in love. This special Love Story was screened at their wedding reception in front of family and friends. What a fun experience:)
There are so many things to consider when choosing a videographer to capture your day. In this video, we explain our approach to filming weddings and adapting to our couples style. Anyone could film your wedding day but only few can capture that spark and precious moments that seem to go by so quickly! This video was recently played at Brunch With The Bride where a handful of professional wedding vendors gave their tips and tricks on how to best capture your wedding day. This is Our Approach.


Kristen and Colby have a love that is truly undescribable. Hoop House Creative was lucky enough to capture their day and it turned out to be one of our favorite weddings:) Kristen and Colby sent me a video of their reaction the the wedding film last night and they were in tears (happy ones of course). They thanked me for capturing who they are and giving them this gift. But the real gift is that this is my job. I love to see my couples happy and cherish these films forever. So a big congrats to the new Spangler's!!!

Shannon and Chance were beaming with LOVE on their wedding day! We filmed their wedding day and we think this captures their love perfectly. Everything from the letter Chance wrote TWO years before the wedding, tearing up seeing Shannon walk down the aisle, and of course... the glowing love that this bride and groom have for each other.

All you need is LOVE! Erika and Marty had a stunning wedding day. Just look at the beautiful light, her face light up with joy when she sees Marty, and their tearful vows. 10/10 would film their wedding day over and over!
These two knew they were in love at first sight in High School. We go back there in this highlight film and show where it all began!!!
This gorgeous couple had an amazing day out! Incredible dress-check, Fall weather and amazing colors on the trees-check, totally and irrevocably in love- CHECK!
What a beautiful fall wedding! We are so in love with the way Steven cries/laughs during the vows, the two of them just walking around the stunning Kickapoo Creek Winery, and of course the letters they exchanged. Amy and Steven's day was one for the books!
This wedding gave us all the feels!!! Tearing up at the letter, Aj seeing Alisha for the first time, the slow motion dip kiss! Enjoy this highlight film by Hoop House Creative.
This fun-loving couple had the day of their dreams. Hoop House Creative had the pleasure of getting to know the family, friends, and loved ones surrounding Brittnee and Skyler on such an important day!
This is Shari And Dustin Highlight Film by Hoop House Creative. We are kicking off this 2017 wedding season with this incredible couple who we had the pleasure of getting to know through this past year. They are the best "teammates" and now that they have tied the knot, we can't wait to see where life takes them!
Heather Rose and Ryan Lee, this is your special day! Congrats on your stunning wedding and we were so honored to show this film at the ceremony to all your friends and family. This "Love Story" is one for the books!
With the 2016 year coming to an end, we have had such an amazing experience filming weddings. We met great people, filmed in many different and new states, and partnered with lots of incredible wedding photographers, videographers, and vendors! Next year is going to be even bigger for us and we can't wait to take you along and show you these cinematic, creative, and adventurous stories!!! With that being said, This is Laura + Kyle, a Highlight Film by Hoop House Creative.
Get to know Shari and Dustin in their beautiful Love Story.
Highlight film of the beautiful Traci and Sam.
We simply love seeing people who are in love. Watch this beautiful highlight film and try not to cry during their vows! "And they lived happily ever after"

We were honored to be a part of Amy and Glen's day.  We love telling a story.  Can't you tell?

The beautiful Nichole + Matt Highlight Film. Hoop House Creative now offers wedding packages with aerial cinematography.
Megan and Chase were a joy to film. Watch the tears, the fun, and most importantly, the love. Enjoy this highlight film by Hoop House Creative.
Thank you one thousand times to Rick and Patti for inviting us to film their beautiful wedding day. The vows they wrote for each other are perfect for who they are!
We traveled to the beautiful Racine, Wisconsin to bring you Lauren and Tyler's Highlight Film! Stunning views of the lake and of the historic Masonic Center.

Thank you to all involved with making Sara and Tyler's day one to remember! 

Filming family weddings is a special opportunity for HHC. This one is for you, Elise. May you and Kyle have the best of lives together!
The "First Look" says everything about marrying the person you love. We love capturing the exact moment the bride turns the groom around and he sees her for the first time.

Hoop House Creative personally knows this fun-loving couple, Nic and Maggie. In planning to film their Love Story, we knew we had to take them to the great outdoors, their first love.

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Hoop House Creative would love to capture your wedding day.  Let's tell a story.

Check Out Our Wedding Packages: Starting at $2499


  • Standard Package-  This includes full coverage of your wedding day complete with the full ceremony, events at the reception, and a 4-6 minute Highlight Film with music overlay. 
  • Aerial Package- This package includes all items offered in the Standard Package PLUS aerial drone cinematography. 
  • Same Day Package- We edit and present a 3-5 minute Highlight Film to be shown at the reception. s we are capturing footage during the day, we are also editing and getting ready to show all your family, friends, and loved ones your beautiful wedding film. This package also includes full coverage of your wedding day complete with the 5-7 minute highlight film with music overlay, full ceremony, full reception, and drone videography.
  • Ceremony Package-  Hire us for the Ceremony only! 


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