Hoop House Creative

Hoop House Creative is a modern film company that captures your story.  We witness your love.

About Me

Connor Parkhurst

Owner of Hoop House Creative

Based in Illinois

There are so many things to consider when choosing a videographer to capture your day. In this video, we explain our approach to filming weddings and adapting to our couples style. Anyone could film your wedding day but only few can capture that spark and precious moments that seem to go by so quickly! This video was recently played at Brunch With The Bride where a handful of professional wedding vendors gave their tips and tricks on how to best capture your wedding day. This is Our Approach.

Hoop House Creative is the result of my passion for expressing compelling stories.  Finding a connection with people drives my cinematic approach to capturing, editing, and presenting a unique final product.  

I offer a fresh, modern approach to all of my projects that you can experience first-hand.  Attention to detail, excellent communication, professional quality, and a fun atmosphere are a few things you can expect from my company. 



  • Why "Hoop House Creative"?    My company is named in honor of my cousin, Michael Hinnen, who impacted many people's lives by his work at the South Side Benevolence Center.   Their philosophy is to reach out to others and inspire great work in the community.  Hoop House Creative shares this same philosophy.
  • What do you offer?    We provide various types of content such as weddings, corporate events, music videos, photography, real estate walk-through videography,  music recording and voice-overs, personal stories, birthdays, short films, and other special events!
  • Who are you?    My name is Connor Parkhurst and I was born in Peoria, IL.  I've traveled across the country filming in Chicago, Saint Louis, and the Los Angeles area.  Those places have shaped me into the person I am today and what I will accomplish with my company.  I've been filming and creating since I was 11 years old.  Sophomore year of High School, I was filming broadcast sports and ever since then I've been working on my style and craft to form Hoop House Creative.
  • How far will you go to film an event?    We are based out of the Peoria area.  We have no problem filming anywhere in the US.  Hey Hawaii, we're talking to you!
  • What are your prices?   Contact me by leaving a message below to find out more about pricing.

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