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Hoop House Creative is a modern film company that captures your story.  We witness your love.


This page is dedicated to film/documentary.  These are passion filled stories.  When we are not filming weddings, we put our efforts into sharing other artists stories, collaborative projects, and other film production.

This is our first Family Film. We were asked to come and film grandma and the kids making brownies, baking cakes, and reading classic children's books. The family farm was a perfect setting and the aerial drone shots of the combine and fields are something to see! Enjoy!
A 1950s playwright battles his inner demons while putting on a theatrical production. Shot entirely in Central Illinois. Directed by Connor Parkhurst and Will Jacobs.
Directed by Connor Parkhurst, this documentary focuses on three prominent Peoria artists. As a film-maker and artist, Connor wanted to focus on three different artists in the area but at different stages in their life. "The Peoria 3" was born and now is something he can always look back on for inspiration. The energy, drive, and attitude of these artists lives on and continues to shine for others. It was an honor spending time with each of the incredible artists in the film and he looks forward to all of their future endeavors! Please enjoy watching this documentary and support the local arts in our Peoria community!

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