Hoop House Creative

Hoop House Creative is a modern film company that captures your story.  We witness your love.

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By Hoop House Creative is a unique and artistic film that empowers who you are and what you do.

Let us showcase your Look.

Introducing LOOK by Hoop House Creative. Let us highlight who you are and what you do! BOOKING NOW!!!

Hoop House Creative's "LOOK" series highlights a passion, art, persona, or company in an artistic way. This LOOK is LeFleur Floral Design based in Washington Illinois. Besides flowers, LeFluer also sells apparel and accessories. We captured their latest inventory and had an absolute blast filming these "looks"!



What you'll get:

3 unique Looks

5 hours shooting time

3-5 minute produced "look" film

60 second instagram clip

super slow motion

Starting at $599


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